Periodontal Disease:

The Silent Killer

If you want your pet to live a long, healthy life, pleeeease get their teeth cleaned! It makes them more comfortable, and absolutely helps them live longer. Avoiding a dental until they have infections in the bone is the most common type of neglect that we see at our hospital, and is one of the most easily prevented.

Periodontal disease is the number one diagnosed problem in small animals today. By the age of two, 70 percent of cats and 80 percent of dogs have some form of periodontal disease. Left untreated, periodontal disease can be fatal!


An Inexpensive Life Insurance Policy

Microchips are easily implanted using a hypodermic needle, and the chip itself is about the size of a grain of rice. Microchips GREATLY increase the chance of your pet being returned to you if they are lost. If they are brought to a veterinarian or a shelter, they will be scanned for the chip, and that information can be used to connect your pet back to you.

Although microchips are not GPS devices and cannot track your pet's location, the ID contained in them are connected to your information, as long as you keep it up to date.

If you get a microchip implanted at Happy Valley Veterinary Hospital, we will automatically register your information with HomeAgain. However, if you move or get a new phone, it's VERY important that you update your information. HomeAgain allows any chip number to be registered with them.

Safe Ear Cleaning

If you were prescribed an ear cleanser at your appointment, be sure to watch this video for guidance on cleaning your pet's ears safely. NEVER use Q-tips, or even paper towels. All you need is your finger, some Kleenex, and this video guide.

If you have any further questions about cleaning your pet's ears safely, feel free to call us anytime!

Heartworm Disease in Oregon

Often underestimated by Vets and clients alike, heartworm disease in Oregon does exist, with some Eugene clinics having more than 50 cases a year!!! If you OR ANYONE in your neighborhood travels, your dog is at risk. It only takes one bite from a carrier mosquito for your pet to become infected!

Both of the products we recommend for flea prevention at Happy Valley Veterinary Hospital prevent heartworm as well. Ask us about Trifexis and Advantage Multi.

Crate Rest Exercises

Has your active pet been confined to their crate for rest after a surgical procedure or injury? Check out this video for some helpful tips on how to keep your pup's mind busy while they have to rest their body. Plus, maybe they'll learn some new tricks!

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