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August - Nutrition Month

Now more than ever, we are learning just how much good nutrition can influence our pets’ health just as it can with our health. Proper pet nutrition can enhance your pet’s quality of life and extend his or her life expectancy.

Nutrition Month

One of the best and easiest ways you can keep your pets healthy is by feeding them the right food and keeping them active! At Happy Valley Veterinary Hospital we are proud to sell Royal Canin diets, which has a variety of formulas to meet the nutritional needs of most pets. Sometimes pets need to go on a diet, sometimes pets need *more* calories in their food, and sometimes pets need a prescription diet for special needs. But there are some general rules that you can follow for all of your pets, regardless of what diet they are on!

  • Measure Food! Part of achieving and maintaining your pets ideal weight is measuring their food intake. One of the most common mistakes that we see is owners free feeding their pets. This is when the bowl is filled without regard to measuring quantity. Find out how much your pet should be eating (we can help you calculate a recommended caloric intake based on age, activity level and body condition) and adapt him/her to a scheduled, measured feeding routine!
  • No More Table Scraps! We can’t tell you how many times we hear pet owners confess the junk food that their pets get – ice cream, fast food hamburgers, chips, etc. We understand how much joy it brings to see your pet indulging in a special treat. But instead of the “junk food,” how about trying raw carrots, green beans, or homemade baked sweet potato slices to name a few healthy options? Give it a try!
  • Exercise Your Pet More! Taking your dogs on daily walks or runs depending on his/her ability can really help maintain an ideal weight and muscle balance. Play a daily game of fetch or Frisbee in the back yard! Try out a new toy for your cat (laser pointers are a favorite!) and play with it daily. As you exercise your pet, you are helping their mental health as well.

This month at Happy Valley Veterinary Hospital, we are excited to offer 50% off exams when you buy pet food at the same visit. We will help you choose the right food for your pet!

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