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Your pet’s golden years are a very special and beautiful time. Your pet may have some different needs as he ages, even though he’s still young at heart.
Here are some things that can help your senior pet age more gracefully:
1. Regular Check Ups: We recommend that senior pets have a veterinary checkup twice a year, or more if they have serious health problems. A thorough physical exam may help reveal health issues that can impact your pet’s life and comfort level, such as dental disease, arthritis, heart disease, kidney disease, and more!
2. Help Him Get Around: As your pet ages, they may lose some of the spring in their step. Navigating slippery floors or jumping up on furniture may become difficult, but you can help by laying down rugs or carpeting and adding some ramps or steps onto furniture for your senior pet to use.
3. Note Behavior Changes: Watch your older pet’s behavior carefully. If you notice any changes, such as an decreased appetite or water consumption, that could mean underlying health issues. Other behavior changes that you may see are decreased mobility, changes in urinary or bowel habits, sleeping more, or irritability.
4. Feed an Age-Appropriate Diet: Most brands of pet food make senior specific diets, which can help with dietary requirements as your pet ages. Some pets may need a diet to help them keep weight on and some senior pets gain too much weight and need a diet to help them stay lean and healthy. You will want to talk to your veterinarian about choosing an age-appropriate diet to meet your senior pet’s
individual needs.
5. Fluff Up Their Bed: Making your senior pet’s bed a cozier and more comfortable spot can help them get better sleep and rest more. There are even orthopedic beds designed specifically for pets now, which can really help older pets with aging joints.

The AVMA has been very helpful in putting together some detailed guidelines pertaining to geriatric pet health. You can check those out here!


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