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New Year Weight Loss Competition

Did you know that feeding your dog a hot dog is equivalent to you eating three donuts? And 2oz of tuna for your cat is the same as a human eating 6 donuts? 

The New Year is a time for resolutions for our pets as well as ourselves.  As such, we are having a weight loss competition to encourage our patients to shed some extra pounds and get healthy!  If you are ready to help your pet get back in shape, keep reading for contest rules and prizes!


Dogs and cats are eligible to participate. All participants must come in to the clinic in December for a free 20 minute evaluation to verify that they are healthy enough to participate and get a starting weight. 

Patients that need an annual exam can have that done as part of their wellness exam; patients that have had a wellness exam within the last year can come in for a free evaluation and weight loss discussion. 

Participants will be given a free bag or case of Royal Canin Satiety weight loss food to start and treats. Your pet will be required to stay on this diet for the duration of the competition.  You will also get tools to help you be most successful! 

Pets must come in for a monthly weight check and photo, which may be posted on social media.  At every weight in, they will receive a gift (treats, Kong toy, dog bowls, leash, etc)!

At the end of six months, the pet that has lost the greatest percentage of body weight wins! The competition will begin January 1, 2019 and end June 30, 2019. 


6 months of free Royal Canin food after 6 months of competition (1 bag or one case per month appropriate to the pets size)

Treats, goodie bags, and favors

A happy, healthy pet!

Call us today to get your pet scheduled for their evaluation or if you have any questions! 

This competition is sponsored by Royal Canin. For more information on Royal Canin, please visit them here. 

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