Meet our friendly staff at Happy Valley Veterinary Hospital

  • Dr. Katie Kralik
    Principal Veterinarian

    Dr. Katie Kralik grew up in Lincoln, Nebraska and graduated from the veterinary school at Iowa State University in 2012, after which she moved out west to be near the mountains and ocean. She and her fiancée share a small parcel of land in the forest with their two dogs and three cats, as well as a group of farm animals including goats, sheep, pigs, llamas, and a variety of poultry. In their free time, they enjoy traveling, eating good food, and wine tasting. Dr. Kralik is excited about her career every day, and loves that she gets to make the lives of animals and their people better.

  • Dr.
    Marie Schubert

    Dr. Schubert grew up in Pennsylvania, then attended Tufts Vet school in Massachusetts.  Her first job was in rural upstate New York, working primarily with dairy cows and horses.  She is excited to be in the Portland area now.  Professionally, she enjoys working with animals of all different species.  She has a particular interest in obesity management, dentistry, and hospice care.  Dr. Schubert can see English or Spanish speaking clients.  In her free time, she likes to go camping with her dogs, Kelvin and Sprocket, while her cat, Alex, holds down the fort at home.  She also has a horse, Lucky, and several chickens.  Her other interests include baking, photography, and listening to lots of nerdy science and history podcasts.

  • Dr.
    Christine Johnson

    In progress

  • Michanne
    Practice Manager

    Michanne grew up in Cathlamet, Washington. She has been in the Human Resources field for 8 years and has always had a passion for animals. Since moving to Portland in 2011, Michanne has worked with many organizations to promote the well-being of animals. She has two cats, Podrick and Ren. 

  • Megan
    Front Desk Manager
    Megan has loved animals for as long as she could remember. She always knew a career in animal health was her calling. In high school she worked part time at an animal hospital before going away for college. She was certified as a groomer since 2008. After moving to Happy Valley she made the career change to a veterinary assistant then to Front Desk Manager. Megan is married with one child and two pets - a cat named LuLu and a dog named Ifrit.
  • Sara
    Sara has always had a passion for animals. Her career working with animals started at PetSmart where she would become a Certified Dog Groomer in 2012. Sara has always wanted to work in the veterinary field and finally became a veterinary assistant this year! When she's not hard at work helping our little furry four legged friends you can be sure to always find her at the barn hanging out with her 3 horses and competing on the weekends. She has two dogs and two cats at home that she could never be without!
  • Katie
    Katie was born in Germany and spent most her childhood on the east coast. She is a total cat lady- ask her about her cats! She has three at home but is always looking for more to add to her collection. She’s been a veterinary receptionist for over 4 years and enjoys getting to know clients and their furry companions. In her spare time she likes hiking, reading, and cooking. She lives in Sandy with her fiance, cat hoard (Beavis, Brisby, and Vesuvius), and a sweet mini Aussie named Arya.
  • Molly Mae
    Molly is Oregon born and raised, currently living in Gresham with her Pembroke corgi, Ein. In their free time, they enjoy going for long walks and exploring the Colombia River Gorge. Just Molly likes painting, reading, and playing video games, though. While she has experience with dogs as a trainer at Petco, Molly's heart belongs to the kitties. She has set herself on the path of animal care after working at the Oregon Humane Society and deciding that she loved it! That love has led her to pursue this career and she hopes to continue her education to eventually become a vet tech.
  • Ebony
    Ebony has loved animals her entire life and knew that her career had to involve working with them. After spending some time volunteering, she was picked up by HVVH as a Tech Assistant and could not be happier gaining the lab and hands on experience that will further her career. Currently, Ebony lives in Milwaukie with her boyfriend Justin, their two ferrets (Zoro and Korra) and corn snake (Zuko). She enjoys spending her free time reading, crocheting, cross stitching, watching Japanese anime and playing video games.
  • Nanci

    In Progress

  • Maddison

    Maddison was born and raised in Oregon and always had a love for all animals. She finished her Bachelors of Science in Animal Science at Oregon State University. Maddison has a German Sheppard named Dez, Australian Labradoodle named Harlee, and a Domestic Shorthaired cat named Oscar. She is really excited to be working here and learning so much every day!

  • Sophie

    I was born and raised in Portland,Oregon. I graduated from Western Oregon University with my Bachelors degree in Communications Studies. I spend my free time volunteering at The Oregon Humane Society walking shelter dogs. I currently live in Gresham with my boyfriend Cole and our cat Titan. 

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