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I drive all the way from inner Portland and it is worth the trip! Dr Caldwell and her team know what’s important for me in the care of my two aging dogs. Katherine

We officially have a new veterinary hospital for our family. We couldn’t be happier, they are so caring and so friendly and very accommodating! Vicki

Once again the doctors and staff at Happy Valley Vet Hospital were there for Jacee and me!!! When you have a dog that is in the senior category, there was always additional concern when you take them to the vet. I am continually impressed and pleased with the professionalism of this staff. Not only are they knowledgeable but truly loving of all of the animals that they take care of. I appreciate it when they take the time to spend an extra few minutes with you in the office to explain what’s going on, and when they follow up with phone calls. Lots of licks and wiggles from Jacee! Lola too!!! Diane

Dr. Caldwell and her wonderful team have been taking care of my two dachshunds for at least the past ten years. Every staff member I have ever encountered have been so friendly. My oldest dog, Tucker was not the best behaved at the vet and even with his naughty behavior, I still felt that they loved him and treated him wonderfully. Recently, Tucker passed away (still hard for me to type) and I felt so comforted and taken care of by Dr. Caldwell and the other doctors. They didn’t rush to any conclusions and gave me so many options for him. I am forever grateful for them. I still take Joey, my “younger” (also 16 year old) dachshund there and of course nothing has changed. They take such good care of us!! Andrea

We adopted two kittens from HVVH, and the staff couldn’t have been nicer. Walked my wife and I through what these kitties need (they’re in rough shape just now), and let us have all the time we needed to meet the kitties, and decide which two we were taking home. Plus, no adoption fees, a year of free care, a goodie bag of toys, a full bag of food – they couldn’t have done more to make us feel comfortable about our new family members. Benjamin

Our first experience to Happy Valley Vet was an excellent experience. When I called with some concerns about my 1 yr old kitty, the receptionist told us to come right in. We arrived and were immediately taken into the cat room. We waited only about 5 minutes before Dr Katie came in, examined our kitty and decided to run some blood tests. I love that they can run their tests in-house – no worrying and waiting days and days! We were given the test results in a little over an hour and thank goodness, all was well! Thank you Dr Katie and staff. We look forward to good care for our Sophie and a friendly relationship with you all.” Janet

We brought our Miniature Australian Shepard here to get spayed and we had a wonderful experience. Like any pet parent, I was really nervous about bringing in Quinn just because surgeries can be scary. Putting our sweet pup under sedation really had me rattled. Quinn has (like many Aussies) the MRD1 gene that can make certain types of sedatives lethal. I was pleased to hear that the clinic was very familiar with this gene mutation, and were incredibly knowledgeable. The clinic was very clean and the staff professional. The aftercare checkups for Quinn were second to none. All in all I would highly recommend Happy Valley Veterinary Hospital for spay and neuter procedures! Devin

Happy valley vet has provided the best of care for my dog, Walter. Hes a very old dog and Dr. Caldwell is an amazing vet. Prices are reasonable and her wellness plan rocks! Davi

Dr. Caldwell and her team provided excellent care for Princess Ida — one of our chickens! Poor girl experienced some sort of trauma to her left eye. I called Dr. Caldwell’s office to see if they would see a chicken, and yes! Heather

I had the best experience when I brought my puppy in to be neutered. They were so kind, helpful and sweet. I did not ever have to wait when for any of my appointments. They also called me a couple of times in the days following the surgery to make sure my puppy was doing okay and if I had any questions. I highly recommend them. Lisa

Awesome, very friendly and personal. I just got through writing a huge review and somehow lost it, but to sum it all up- the staff is extremely warm and kind hearted. The vet came into the room and played with my dog, Minnie, while we went over the plan and details regarding her spaying. With just that gesture, I was assured my pet was in great hands. With Banfield (🤢😢) being my previous veterinary experience, I was nervous and had anxiety over leaving my pets with anyone.
I called 4 hours after I left just to check in and the lady at the front desk walked back and asked how Minnie was. She reassured me she was fine and next in line for the procedure and they would contact me at 4:30 when she was ready. When we picked her up they had everything ready and went over her after care instructions which were clear and easy.
Today (one day later) they called to check up on her and see how she was feeling.
I’m sold. I will definitely be returning. Andrea

They are FABULOUS!!!!! Great staff! Dr. Caldwell is AMAZING! Affordable plans!
I highly recommend this Vet! Lifetime Vet I now have! Such a BLESSING for my dog Penny & Me!!!
And anyone who says other wise is so wrong. Nicole

Compassionate veterinary care 7 days a week in Happy Valley, OR.

Happy Valley Veterinary Hospital strives to provide excellent client service in a state-of-the-art facility where your pet is a member of our family and not just another dollar.


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